An Elegant Range of Riser Recliner Chairs

"There is no better choice than the Oakdale range of quality British manufactured riser recliner chairs.  Our unconditional 3 year warranty provides total peace of mind"

An Oakdale riser recliner can help if you are having difficulty standing up or sitting down.It may be that if you are sitting for most of the day you just can’t get comfortable.  By reclining the chair and raising your feet you can make yourself more comfortable.  Oakdale riser recliner chairs are very versatile and as well as helping you maintain your independence they can help with some medical problems.

Our riser recliner chairs are designed to put you in a range of positions and provides personal comfort to cater to your specific needs. They are easy to operate with the simple push of a button.

Our Oakdale bespoke range of British made riser recliner chairs have been designed with you in mind; quality, comfort and style are the hallmarks of our products.

Oakdale riser recliners work on the same basic principle.  By pressing a button on the hand control the body of the chair slowly raises so you can stand up. To sit down simply position yourself on the raised seat and press a button on the hand control so the seat goes down slowly. By taking your finger off the button you are able to stop the motor immediately.  This can be reassuring as it means you are completely in control of the chair at all times.


Bespoke Electric RiserRecliner Chairs and Sofas

When you choose an Oakdale riser recliner chair you will experience the benefits of over 35 years of craftsmanship and expertise.  Oakdale riser and recliners are manufactured with superior quality British materials.

Oakdale cannot stress enough the importance of having a riser recliner chair which is tailor-made to your size and weight. Too often important purchases like this are chosen for their appearance with no thought to the long term damage that this can cause. A poor fitting riser recliner can lead to bad posture, back and neck pain, breathing and circulatory problems, increase therisk of developing pressure sores or ulcers and cause acute difficulty in rising.

The Oakdale luxurious electric riser recliner chairs are specifically designed and built, in the UK, to your own personal requirements to ensure optimum comfort. Our range of riser recliner chairs incorporate two and three seater sofas which are hand crafted to complement our chairs.

Our exclusive range of Oakdale riser recliner chairs are available in the following options:

  • WEIGHT–Oakdale standard riser recliners will lift people of20, 25 and 35 stone.  In addition Oakdale manufacture all models of riser recliner in Bariatric sizes up to 70 stone.
  • WALL HUGGER -Standard riser recliners need to be positioned away from the wall to allow enough space for the back of the chair to recline. In order to recline the chair completely there needs to be at least 24 inches between the chair and the wall when the in the upright position. If space is limited an Oakdale wall hugger riser recliner will overcome this problem.
  • SINGLE MOTOR – The fundamental difference of a single motor is in the reclining action.  A single motor moves the back of the chair and the footrest together in a coordinated manner. A single motor riser recliner chair goes back to a comfortable TV watching angle, (about 45 degrees).  The rising action is the same on either a single or dual motor chair.  
  • DUAL MOTOR–As the name implies these riser recliners have two motors.  One motor controls the back of the chair and another motor controls the foot rest. This provides you with the flexibility to find the perfect reclined seated position.
  • TILT IN SPACE – This is really important if you need the riser recliner to relieve pressure and soreness.  The back of the chair, seat and leg rest tips back.  This means that the back of the chair supports the lower back whilst evenly distributing your weight through the whole of the seat and back rest.

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