Advice and Guidance

Riser Recliner Positions

An Oakdale riser recliner can help you enjoy temporary relief from aches and pains as well as aiding improved circulation.


Oakdale riser recliner chairs are made to your specific size and include the correct supportive cushioning to make you extremely comfortable.  If you are sitting for long periods of time a riser recliner is useful because you can keep changing position preventing you getting sore and uncomfortable.

Raise your feet

By raising your feet and reclining the back of the chair you can take the weight and strain off your feet and lower legs. This is the perfect position for relaxing when watching television or reading. Some medical conditions affecting the legs can be relieved by lifting the legs while sitting.  The Oakdale riser recliner supports the whole leg.


Lie back and relax in sumptuous comfort by choosing the perfect position that suits you.  Enjoy a nap or a relaxing massage from the optional in built massage system.


The rising action of the Oakdale riser recliner helps you sit down or stand up easily.  For people with weak legs or those that have difficulty standingthe riser recliner chair makesrising an effortless and safe task.  


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Made to Measure Guidance

To ensure that you choose the right riser recliner to meet your needs Oakdale offer, a free, no obligation home demonstration.  Our experienced customer care advisors will assess your needs and help you find the chair that is most suitable and equally importantly ensure that the chair is the right size for you. You will be able to try one of our riser recliners in the comfort of your own home and take all the time you need to experience the benefits the chair can offer.

At Oakdale we know how important it is to ensure our riser recliners are the right size for you.  It is critical as the correct sizing affects the support, pressure distribution and ultimately the comfort of the chair.


Once you have chosen the style of Oakdale riser recliner you will then choose the colour and fabric for your chair.  Oakdale have an extensive choice of quality fabrics and leathers in a wide range of colours and patterns.


Personal Specifications

See our exciting range of optional extras to complete your ultimate comfort experience.  Choose before we manufacture if you want to include massage and heat options.  We want you to be absolutely happy with your Oakdale riser recliner.  Click here to view optional extras


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